What We Do

Paranoid Production Designs Inc. is a Consulting and Venture Development firm.

What We Do?

Paranoid Production Designs Inc. is a Consulting and Venture Development firm.

PPD Inc. works with entrepreneurs and established companies to bring thoughts, ideas, dreams, and goals from concept to reality. We assist in startup company development, as well as growing, rebuilding, restructuring, and redirecting the organization. Our focus is working with business startups and existing businesses launching new processes, new products, and entering new markets.

Internally, PPD Inc. specializes in opportunity recognition and innovation, developing internal businesses and ventures, holding the venture as a subsidiary,or spinning the venture off to a company more suited to realize its long term potential.

What Makes Us Different?

We get involved in a way that few other consultants and developers can- we've been in the trenches, and fought our wars- now we help you fight yours. We've even developed projects and plans for clients that involved cutting us out of the picture- such as automating processes to save time and money. This may not sound like smart "business sense", but that type of devotion has led us to gain business primarily through word-of-mouth recommendations.

One of the things that makes Paranoid Production Designs Inc. truly special is it's in-house projects. We've developed groundbreaking new technology, and market changing products. These projects assure that we are continually living the same business recommendations that we are giving, staying on top of the business and technology climates to assure we stay fine tuned. Some of these projects end up becoming unique tools that we are able to offer our clients.

With a different model of business than traditional consultants, and a number of in-house projects that assure we stay differentiated and practicing what we "preach", Paranoid Production Designs Inc. isn't just another consulting company. We truly do bring your concepts- Thoughts, Ideas, Dreams, and Goals to reality.


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