The PPD Inc. Story



The business began in the mid 90's, developing websites for the trading of "Beanie Babies" (Registered Trademark of TY Inc). This evolved into web development for local businesses in the Wyoming, OH area.

The name "Paranoid Production Designs" didn't come around until 2002, when the founder, Brooks Fiesinger was in charge of a website for a local event in Wyoming, Ohio called "Paranoia,". Designing a logo he liked, Fiesinger began using the logo on his web design and other small scale local ventures.

As business grew over the coming years, Fiesinger changed the name to something more formal, that described the type of products he was offering. It was then that the name moved to "Paranoid Productions." In 2004, Fiesinger discovered this name was in use by a California firm, and began using the name "Paranoid Production Designs."

Formally, Paranoid Production Designs was licensed in 2005 as a Multimedia Design and Development firm in Ada, Ohio. Shortly after launching, 75% of our business was website development, and 25% came from sign making and vinyl graphics. However, as the firm grew, Fiesinger found the business was more active in new online business ventures and opportunity recognition. By the end of 2007, the majority of Fiesinger's products had switched to a variety of items from niche fad-based websites to automotive accessories, as well as extensive consulting work.

In 2008, Fiesinger and his board of Directors chose to incorporate and move the firm in the direction that Fiesinger had always wanted. Paranoid Production Designs Inc. officially moved to "Consulting and Venture Development."

Today, Paranoid Production Designs Inc. works with a variety of companies with new product lines and new markets, as well as individuals aiming to bring dreams and ideas to market.


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