Current Projects


Individual Clients

Paranoid Production Designs Inc. is currently working with a number of individual clients to bring their concepts to reality, as well as to develop marketing strategies and matching new product lines to new markets.

Towpal Inc.

Paranoid Production Designs Inc. is working with Towpal Inc. ( to further develop their business model and product lines.

Active Word Fonts

Paranoid Production Designs Inc. has a patent pending, and is the inventor of Active Word Fonts typography product. Active Word Fonts is a new way to display text, bringing typography to a new era- improving reading speeds and comprehension while decreasing paper and ink usage, with an untrained reader seeing these benefits without noticing a difference in the physical text. More information about Active Word Fonts can be found at

MicroMarket Enterprise Trading

MicroMarket Enterprise Trading, also known as MMET, is a developing, innovative tool for Paranoid Production Design Inc. clients to access and manage capital as well as to manage relationships between the client companies and it's stock holders. More information is available here.


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